Automotive Metal Polishing

Automotive metal polish experts

Automotive metal polish experts in Swansea

From cars to motorbikes, at APS Alloy Refurbishers we offer top-quality metal polishing services to give your vehicle the perfect finish.
new look for your vehicle

A new look for your vehicle

By providing quality services and the perfect paint finish, the polishing experts at APS Alloy Refurbishers have gained the trust of many customers across the country. With competitive pricing and minimum turnaround time, all our work will surely surpass your expectations. If you want a completely new look for your vehicle, contact us today. We also offer free quotes on our automotive metal polishing services.
metal polishing

Automotive metal polishing

This is highly specialised process and for those who have tried they will know how hard it is to get a shine on metal. Our party trick is to produce the clearest reflections that you can literally read fine print as if it was in a mirror. 

We specialise in wheel spraying and metal polishing services.

If you require something extra special, our polishing expertise has been seen in many a magazine and customers come from all corners of the UK.
Whether it's for your car or motorbike, our work always surpasses expectations!!

Call APS Alloy Refurbishers on 07747 443 214 for more information on automotive metal polishing in Swansea.
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