Alloy Wheel Spraying

A car with refurbished alloy wheels

Alloy wheel spraying in Swansea and the nearby areas

Being one of the longest established alloy wheel companies in Swansea, we offer quality alloy wheel spraying services at great prices. We serve customers across South and West Wales.
automotive wheel polishing

We are different from others in the market

At APS Alloy Refurbishers, we use high-quality materials but the difference is the attention to detail that we take in the preparation hence our finishes last for years. As we say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! In addition to spraying we also specialise in automotive polishing.
 We also offer automotive polishing services across South and West Wales.
Damaged wheels

Why not powdercoat? 

We consider powder coating as a cheap cheating way to refurbish wheels, like building a house with no foundations. The finish is hard but very brittle and cracks easily, from there the wheels will corrode from the inside and can ultimately damage the wheels beyond economic repair.

For a free quote on alloy wheel spraying, contact us today.

For alloy wheel spraying, call APS Alloy Refurbishers in Swansea on 07747 443214
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